Since the dawn of time, the mythical dragon has struck fear and terror. These huge, scaly beasts are a staple of fantasy fiction, their fiery breath incinerating anyone foolish enough to wander into their path, a pair of malevolent eyes wickedly observing the carnage they cause. Here at the House Of Antstream, there are dragons aplenty as we allow you not just to fear the dragon but be at one with it. Welcome, weary traveller, to a Dance of Dragons on Antstream Arcade, where, like the Targaryens of Game Of Thrones, you too can sit astride one of these mighty creatures, raining fire and terror on all before you. And in this tale of dragons of autumn twilight, you can even become one of these fantastic brutes!

Dragon Breed – Irem, 1989

Dragon: Bahamoot

Darkness envelops the land of Dragon Breed, an evil that threatens the rule of young King Kayus. Bound with the responsibility to rid his land of this pestilence, Kayus summons the dragon of light, Bahamoot, to help him in his quest. The minions of the King of Darkness, Zambaquous, await. Astride Bahamoot, Kayus fires his crossbow, but beware: while Bahamoot is invulnerable to all, the King remains at risk, even while sitting upon the tremendous creature. Bahamoot’s powers can be boosted with glowing orbs, eventually able to unleash a cleansing inferno on all who would dare oppose King Kayus.

Dragon Blaze – Psikyo, 2000

Dragons: Fire Dragon, Aqua Dragon, Thunder Dragon and Skull Dragon

The Demon King has risen and must be destroyed! Four heroes step up for this dangerous mission, and each has their own dragon steed, ready to take the fight to the devilish fiend. Each character’s dragon is different: Quaid’s fire dragon shoots jets of fire; two smaller dragons assist Sonia’s aqua dragon; Rob sits astride a two-headed beast that’s impressive but slower than its colleagues; and finally, there’s Ian and his skeletal dragon that belies its lack of flesh with speed, guile and power. Each character can take advantage of their dragon’s invulnerability, sending it up the screen to take out enemies, and you’ll need every ounce of skill, luck and dragon strength to defeat the Demon King.

Dragon Spirit – Namco, 1987

Dragon: Amul

In Dragon Spirit, a demon named Zawell has captured Princess Alicia. Understandably upset by this turn of events, the Prince uses his magical sword to transform himself into Amul, a giant blue dragon with the ability to spit lethal fire at both air and ground targets. Throughout the nine realms of Dragon Spirit, Amul can upgrade its firepower using dragon head orbs. With hundreds of enemies awaiting this brave reptile, this is a brutally difficult vertically-scrolling shoot-‘em-up.

Saint Dragon – Jaleco, 1989

Dragon: Saint Dragon

The fantastical meets science fiction in Saint Dragon, the eponymous robotic dragon that dares to rebel against the Monster Cyborg army. Armed with deadly plasma bolts and a fiery shot of flame, Saint Dragon traverses each level, cunningly using its tail as a shield against enemy fire. By collecting power-ups, the metallic beast can also upgrade its abilities with a sci-fi twist, boosting its offensive arsenal with lasers, pulse torpedoes and bouncing bombs. Nimble, sinewy and formidably sturdy, Saint Dragon is another impressive, albeit metallic, dragon to command.

Syvalion – Taito, 1988

Dragon: Mechadragon Syvalion

Would you like to take control of a golden metal dragon, incinerating enemy tanks and robots with red-hot jets of fire? Of course you would – and Taito’s Syvalion allows you to do just that. Navigate the tight electronic world, turning anything that moves into ash with Syvalion’s devastating breath. In a plot reminiscent of the classic shoot-‘em-up, R-Type, an alien race is invading the Earth, threatening to turn us all into lifeless robot slaves. Only the glittering golden mechadragon Syvalion can save us!

Meet More Dragons of the House Of Antstream

Little Puff

Little Puff – Codemasters, 1989

Bub and Bob

Bubble Bobble – Taito, 1986

Dragon Lord

Super Dragon Slayer – Codemasters, 1989

The Knucker-Hole Dragon

Legend Of The Knucker-Hole – English Software, 1984

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