In today’s episode, I’m exploring Pioneers LaserActive. This ‘converged’ device could play TurboGrafx-16 and Genesis games (plus CD extensions for both consoles) plus a few propriety formats. However, it was a monumental failure. How so? Well, watch the video and find out, I guess (pls do, it was a mission and half to research and edit).

Brendan Meharry Brendan Meharry (95 Posts)

Growing up while the fifth generation of consoles reigned supreme meant that Brendan missed out on much of the 80’s and early 90’s of gaming the first time around. He either lacked the cognitive ability to play them, as naturally, he was a baby - or he simply didn’t exist yet. Undeterred, Brendan started a blog called Retro Game On in 2011. This followed his exploits as he collected and played everything he could get his hands on no matter what the release date. While RGO is mainly YouTube focused these days concentrating on video reviews and historical features, the itch to do some old fashion writing never went away. More recently, Brendan has been a staff writer for the gaming website, GameCloud, mostly focusing on the indie gaming scene in his locale of Perth, Australia.