Old School Gamer has released it’s latest issue, issue #4, and this time it’s themed RPG’s, Role Playing Gamers. ¬†Along with some of the regular features of every issue of Old School Gamer, we have targeted RPG’s with the below coverage:

  • A Selected History of RPG’s by Todd Friedman, Role Playing Games by Jason Russell, a nice piece on the new Apple II title – Nox Archaist by Bill Lange, Michael Thomasson covers Cadash, Kevin Butler talking Wizardry, Antoine Clearc-Renaud covers the Japanese RPG scene, Bill Lange mets Lord British and Brett Weiss talks D&D.
  • Reviews of Boss Fight Books, the Retro-Bit Super RetroCade and Man Vs. Snake.
  • Walter Day tackles the G.O.A.T.’s of the 21st Century Part 1
  • Interviews with Video Games Monthly and Retro Game Treasure
  • 45 Years of Arcade Gaming: The 1990s by Adam Pratt
  • Ken Horowitz covers Preserving History
  • Keyboard Creations form the Game Scholar Leonard Herman
  • Convention Update and Sega 32x and Sega CD pricer!

All this all in issue #4 of Old School Gamer Magazine! –




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