Fan enthusiasm. It’s a beautiful thing. Really. I mean, sure, you have those who occasionally push the pendulum a bit too far in one direction. But for the most part, everything is done from a particular point of origin – that “fan” is short for “fanatic”.

Fanatic devotion to popular culture is nothing new. It defined great art movements and impressive achievements. The shared creations that decorated and reflected the world were borne from people excited and intrigued by the possibilities they were exposed to and dreamed up.

In many ways, art and people’s reactions, and interactions with it, have not changed in the eons since the first man finger-painted his day’s events onto the cave wall. But there is a critical difference, and it has to do with exposure. In the old days, people who wanted to experience art had to live within its vicinity. To experience great paintings, you had to live where the painters lived. To experience great sculpture, you had to live where the sculptors lived. To experience great music or plays, you had to have access to where they did their thing. Simply put, art was not portable.

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