Intro: Ninjas stick to the shadows, make for great assassins and kill without a trace. Ryu Hayabusa and Rikimaru are signature ninjas in the video game world and let’s not forget Goemon, star of The Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the Super Nintendo. Legend of the Mystical Ninja, developed and published by Konami, was released in 1992.

Story: When the evil Otafu kidnaps Princess Yuki and strange
things begin to happen in the once peaceful village, Goemon and Ebisumaru (known in North America as Kid Ying and Dr. Yang, respectively) come to the rescue when they find that villagers are being possessed by spirits. On your search for the Princess, you will travel all over Japan in search of clues on her whereabouts. The character Goemon is actually based off a Japanese folklore character named Ishikawa Goemon who was a noble thief. Think of him as a Japanese Robin Hood. The story unfolds through cut scenes sprinkled throughout the game.

Gameplay: Levels are divided into two styles of gameplay: free roam and side-scrolling. In the free roaming areas, you can walk around the villages defeating enemies, entering shops to buy items, talk to the town’s people for clues and more. Other areas in the game will switch to a traditional side-scrolling perspective, where your main goal is to defeat the enemies, defeat a boss and clear the area.

As your primary weapon, you are armed with a Kiseru which is a Japanese pipe used for smoking. You use your Kiseru to whack your enemies. In addition, you can buy bombs and other weapons to defeat enemies. Once you take down an enemy they will leave behind coins, scrolls and other useful items to collect.

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