If you have a Gameboy Advanced or MSX and didn’t get the chance to enjoy the previously released Amstrad CPC version of the game, then it might be worth checking out Mananuk’s new game of ‘ The Mandarin 2 ‘ for the Gameboy Advanced and MSX; A game that not only features 5 levels of varying themes such as General Limoncello┬┤s base, self-destruct activated, outer space and Limoncello’s ship, but also different enemy types and challenges. To coincide with this news, Saberman has provided a video showing the game in action.

MSX footage shown.

Here’s the latest about the game from the itch io page. “The mandarin has been hired for a new mission, General Limoncello has stolen the plans for a new space station under construction and without them it is impossible to finish it, find them and kill General Limoncello. Reports from our spies place the plans at a hidden enemy base on the planet Erial. Once you have recovered them and if you manage to kill the general, give the plans to a group of rebels who have volunteered to help you and bring the plans back, good luck!!!”

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