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The gaming industry and esports both had their humble beginnings, and almost any old school gamer had experienced or witnessed this story. It has been a long way from standing in queues at the mall to play on your favorite arcade machine, to multiplayer online gaming competitions. Even though games have changed over the years, there are those who still love and enjoy those good old arcade titles. Some of them are still around today, and now they are more accessible than ever. They have been turned into browser-based games, mobile apps, and, in some cases, casino games.

Here we will go over some of the popular arcade games that are still played today in the UK. These can be either mobile, console, browser-based games, or even titles that have been adapted for online casinos.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Imagine if there was no Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise, and someone pitches a movie idea for it? That would never get approved, and yet the beloved character of the franchise did exceptionally well at the Box Office. There are so many iterations of the Sonic game nowadays, but the blue speedster is most well known for its SEGA titles. He was basically the mascot of the company, and the game is truly timeless. It is that type of gameplay that is engaging even to this day. You can play it today as a browser-based game or just download an emulator.

Fishing Casino

This is a popular Android and iOS game that has you shooting a cannon or underwater turret in order to blow up sharks, octopi, and medusas. The goal is to hit golden creatures as they get you more points and give you crazy bonuses. It’s basically a casino-style arcade game for phones that millions of people play. The game does contain in-app purchases but you cannot get real money rewards here. You can play similar titles at other online casino platforms that offer arcades though.  You might be able to find these games and get a 200 percent casino bonus on 1st deposit if you play on some of the popular online casino sites. It’s not one of those old-school arcades, but the game captures their essence nicely, and you should definitely try it out.


We can’t talk about arcade games without mentioning Tetris. It has been around for ages, has iconic theme music, and despite its repetitive gameplay you can play for hours without noticing how time flies by.  This is one of those games that truly withstood a test of time. There are so many versions of Tetris nowadays that it’s basically impossible to count them, and the new version will continue to emerge.


Pac-Man is another iconic title that has gotten many iterations over the years. People used to compete against one another on the arcade machines and see who can get the best high score, or clear the most levels. Nowadays, there is a brand new version of Pac-Man that is popular in some casinos. It’s also an arcade machine that allows players to compete against one another on the same board. In other words, instead of eating those nasty ghosts that are trying to thwart your efforts, you can also eat other players on the board who are competing for the points.

This can be a great change of pace if you mostly play slots, as it gives you a chance to play with other people and compete. Moreover, you can rely more on your own skill rather than luck. Also, remember to check if those casinos offer any bonuses, as there might be a chance for you to play for free if there are no deposit bonuses available.

Street Fighter

Much like Mortal Kombat we still get a new Street Fighter year every year. This is one of the most popular fighting games that were also available as an arcade back in the day.  Everyone loved this title because each character had a unique fighting style, so truly mastering each character took time, and you got to feel like a unique fighter every time you were going against a new player.


These are some of the most popular arcade games that are played even today. Of course, the list goes on as there are titles like Mario Brothers, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong that were not mentioned here.


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