Recents studies show that people who play video games have higher levels of happiness and they are generally more relaxed. Maybe, this effect can be explained by the fact that gaming helps us connect with our inner child by engaging in playful behavior. What’s more, gaming can be an easy escape from everyday stress.  Especially when it comes to students, they face so many pressures in life, from difficult exams to study loans that must be paid back.

In times of the pandemic, video games can help you bond with people. When you have a common activity to do with others, you can feel a part of the community even while staying in a quarantine. Social isolation becomes not so harsh thanks to video games. Before we consider some of the best old-school games for students, let’s find out what you can do if gaming interferes with your studies.

Education help for gamers

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In this game, you have to destroy all enemy planes that are shooting at you. However, there are also non-harming planes that can give you a sort of power, increasing your shooting capacity. As you keep going through 32 levels of the game, you’ll notice that you can get different powers which make you interested in moving to the next stage.


In this game, you are going to be a funny short man that places bombs in various places. His aim is to kill insects and find a door leading to the next level. While playing, you need to be very careful since you can lose a life because of your own bomb. At each of the 50 stages of ‘Bomberman’ you will get a hidden power. You may get an additional bomb, the ability to control your bombs remotely and pass through the walls.


This is one of the most popular classic games of all time that was developed back in 1980. Its big advantage is that it takes very little time to play. In this action game, you need to eat all of the dots placed in the maze while avoiding 4 ghosts — Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. By eating all of the dots, you can advance to the next level. But if you face a ghost, you will lose one of your lives.

Mario Brothers

This game was created almost 30 years ago, in 1983. Here you will play the role of the Italian plumber Mario and his twin brother. While playing “Mario Brothers” you have to get rid of the enemy creatures by hitting horizontal bars and pushing them into the water. Once you kill all the animals at the first level, you can move to the next one. The game will continue until you lose all given lives.

Circus Charlie

This game consists of six levels where you have to manipulate a clown. To pass through each level, you have to show different skills typical for a clown from a  circus. The game is quite simple, so you can complete all of its stages in a few hours. The first four stages are very easy to go through but the fifth and sixth ones are a bit challenging.


This exciting game can keep you busy for hours. To succeed at playing ‘Pooyan’, you must act really fast. Here you need to catch balloons not to let them fall into the sea. You can also blow opposite balloons to save others. If you fail to do it, they will line at the stairs waiting until they can eat you. What’s more, they may throw bombs at you, so you need to do your best to save yourself.

Final thoughts

Playing old-school video games is a nice way to de-stress from the demands of student life. By doing  something that you really enjoy, you can recharge your batteries and study more efficiently. Hopefully, this article provided you with great options to choose from.

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James Collins is a study coach for high school students. He helps young people reach great learning outcomes and enter top US universities. James is a big fan of video games, so he spends most of his free time playing with friends online. He believes that this is a great way to reboot the brain and relax.


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