The gaming industry and the casino one are avid followers of the trends in technology and make sure not to advance without them. Thanks to stronger processors and better RAM memory computers can support games with better graphics and provide smoother gameplay regardless if they’re video or casino games. It is thanks to the internet that the casino industry evolved into the online casino industry and the gaming industry expanded the multiplayer feature like never before. Because of this leap, punters from all over the world can play classic games and try the latest casino games at NoviBet, 888 Casino and other top-ranking sites and gamers can compete among themselves whenever they want.

The Casino Industry Influence Over Gaming

Since both industries have had rapid growths it’s clear that they’ve both influenced each other in some way. There are subtle elements that each industry has taken from the other and these elements have helped them develop further. The casino industry has a selection of classic games that if featured anywhere will be enjoyed by a large audience. Table games like poker and blackjack and even roulette have found themselves in lots of video games. Some game development companies have made standalone titles with this game. One example would be Prominence Poker on the Xbox platform.

Other companies have included those classics into the game as is the case with Red Dead Redemption II. It’s a western game that wouldn’t be complete with saloons where you can play some poker. Other game developers have inspired themselves from world-renown casino cities. Obsidian Entertainment decided it’s going to use Las Vegas as an inspiration and the game Fallout New Vegas was born which features a post-apocalyptic Sin City. However, this kind of influence goes both ways.

The Gaming Industry Influence Over the Casino Industry

Better graphics and gameplay are two elements of games that can always be improved. This is something both industries understand and do but the concept originally came from the gaming industry. As various video games started being upgraded graphics wise the many online casino games followed this path as well. For this reason casino games today have stunning visuals that pique interest in its players.

There is one current trend in the casino industry and it’s called gamification. This idea comes directly from video games and the point of this concept is to make the casino games as close to video games as possible. This is why leaderboards were introduced so players can see who they’re up against. By doing so the online casinos introduced competitiveness on the level of multiplayer video games and thus have made the experience more enjoyable.


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest the mutual influence of the casino industry over the gaming one and vice versa. As things progress the effects of both industries will be increasing and will help both of them provide their customers with a better gaming experience as a whole.

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