The first computer that I spent a lot of time on was an Apple IIc (after experiencing Apple IIe’s at junior high school) and one of the first games that I spent a lot of time on was Karateka – Jordan Mechner’s martial arts game that came out in 1984. I probably played it around 1985 or 1986. The cinematic style of it was fantastic and it ate up a lot of my time. Its animated motion was absolutely fantastic and the easy going story was fun toplay over and over.

The game was set in the Arab world and was inspired by the Arabian Nights stories. Luckily for us, he kept track of everything he was doing while developing Ka- rateka and Prince of Persia in what he called “develop- ment journals.” Star ng in May of 1985, he chronicled his work on Prince of Persia and other things related to video games and the world in which he lived. It wraps up in January 1993 with the regular entries and then covers the movie development, comic books, and other interes ng things related to Prince of Persia.


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