To understand the basics of the gaming culture, it is imperative to sift through the process of development of this industry. Video games, like any other movie or book, have cemented a strong reputation in our lives. Gone are when video games were termed as a “bad activity” for the younger people. There is enough evidence, which confirms the veracity of video games to have a strong impact on the brain development of a child. Contrary to popular belief, playing video games has incredible benefits for young minds, which is why it is important for parents to embrace it.

For instance, when it came to the early 80s, parents witnessed their kids buying sudden interest in video games when the little ones started to identify the characters and imitate them. If we go back in history, the Pac-Man games allowed several merchandise to witness a massive boost in the sales of video games. No wonder the massive public recognition garnered by these characters has turned them into iconic characters for everyone. The kid who played the character in the Super Mario Bros allowed for a strong increase in the number of video games being sold. This is when Microsoft and Sony claimed the opportunity and took control of the situation by working on the demographics.

This has ultimately caused a sudden increase in the age of the average video game player. An individual who is 35 years of age is actively involved in streaming video games because they allow them to declutter and get rid of stress easily. even in classroom management is reliant on video games because children love to engage with them during their leisure time. On the other hand, classrooms also arrange video game competitions to encourage young kids to spend time going through the different stages. This way, they are eventually compelled to take up challenges and become a better version of themselves in the future.

Today, video games have had a strong impact on digital media as well. The video games back in the 70s and 80s are the prerequisites of what we have on the web right now. Today, it is easy for you to play a video game of a certain movie by downloading it through the play store. For instance, if a child is obsessed with the adventures of Jumanji, they can easily download a relatable game from the web. However, the trend became a rage in the early 80s when cartoons were being incorporated into video games. Now, you have a video game for almost every character that you can think of.

Even the television programs are based on video games because it has the strength to quickly grab the audience’s attention. Today, seldom will you find a television show that doesn’t incorporate cartoon characters. Furthermore, the game developers are actively involved in creating games that will have a strong impact on young minds without much effort. So if you want to understand the culture of video games, it is important to embrace its history.


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