While it’s debatable if the PlayStation 2 is actually retro or not (I mean c’mon, it’s two generations behind and was launched 18-years ago) one thing is now for sure – Sony has stopped supporting it completely. While the hardware its self was discontinued in 2013 (155 million units later – that’s not a typo) and the last games seeing shop shelves that same year (supposedly over 3,800 were released overall – imagine photos of that complete collection) Sony of Japan are finally canning an aftersales support centre for the system.

Aptly named the PlayStation Clinic, which sounds like a doctor I would actually be comfortable seeing, it was used to service and repair the PS2 by appointment. I guess Sony has had enough of devoting resources to the system now, however, since there is a deadline of the 31st of August to submit an application to get your beloved PlayStation “treated” (as long as you’re in Japan, the clinic is based in the Iwate Prefecture). There is another deadline for sick consoles actually reaching the clinic, though, which is the 7th of September – otherwise, it will have to be tearfully put-down behind the barn. Or, you could try one of the many independent repairers out there to have a crack at it, but it wouldn’t have that Sony touch – and never will again.

The fact the PlayStation 2 is still being officially supported (for a few more days, anyway) might come as a shock to some of you. Personally, I last saw a brand-new PlayStation 2 for sale in Vietnam in 2012 – and even then it was surprising. By that time, the PlayStation 3 was in full swing with the PlayStation 4 looming on the horizon.

Other systems have been supported for a lot longer than you might realise too – this isn’t really an abnormality. Other notable examples include the Neo-Geo AES, which saw after-sales support until 2007 (originally released in 1990) and the Nintendo Entertainment System, which also saw support cease in 2007 – a staggering 24 years after its initial release in Japan.

Regardless, it’s fair to say that the PS2 had a good run. It is the best-selling console of all time, after all. Here’s to you, my DVD playing friend.

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