Back in 1996 PlayStation players were introduced to the survival horror world of Resident Evil. Trapped in a mansion and armed with limited resources to defend themselves, players would fight for their lives against the biological atrocities that infested the halls of a lavish mansion. Presented with pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D polygon characters, the playstyle and responsive gameplay was unlike anything seen before on a console and quickly became a “must play” game for the Sony PlayStation. Resident Evil’s instant popularity presented Capcom the opportunity to turn Resident Evil into a franchise that morphed into multiple games, movies, toys, novels, and comics books. Let us revisit the first three titles in the series and the inspiration behind it that sent many players into a zombie-infested splatterfest.

Sent on a mission to investigate a series of brutal murders and missing team members, The S.T.A.R.S. team begins their search in a forest outside Raccoon City. The search becomes an instant fight for survival when a pack of mutated dogs ruthlessly attacks the team.

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