Back in the day when my Atari 2600 was brand new and still smelled of plastic, I used to receive a handful of cartridges each year: one for my birthday, two at Christmas, and perhaps two for special events throughout the year. If I managed to save up my allowance, I might also purchase another one from time to time. When the video game market crashed, I had owned my system a mere four years and amassed a collection of
just 15-20 games. At the time, I decided I was more interested in computers, and I left my Atari 2600 behind when I went off to college.

It wasn’t until grad school that I finally became an owner of a couple of new systems. I bought a 7800 for $50, since no one else wanted one, and I ended up as king for an NES for Christmas after renting the unit and several games. The NES was also marked down in price, as the SNES
had just been released. I purchased a handful of titles for each of them, but neither recaptured the magic I had felt with the original 2600.

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