Fellow Gamers,

I’m extremely excited to be writing to you to inform you that we just released the Midwest Gaming Classic web site for 2018, and we have BIG news!

The Midwest Gaming Classic will be moving from our long-time home of the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel to the Wisconsin Center downtown on April 13, 14 and 15, 2018! The move will allow us to increase the show’s size by more than double what it was just last year. And what is crazy? We’ve already filled a lot of that space with new games, new events, and LOTS more FUN! We’ll be unveiling a lot more about what we’re doing there in the next couple weeks!

I encourage you to check out the Midwest Gaming Classic web site at https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com and follow along with our announcements at https://www.facebook.com/MGCgaming/

Your continued support has allowed the Midwest Gaming Classic to continue to grow, and we really appreciate all that you have done to help this show grow. When we started the show in a single room that was barely 1000 square feet, we never thought that we would grow to the point that it grew to over 120,000 square feet of gaming fun. Your support got us to this point, and we can’t wait to continue to reveal some amazing new things, some hugely expanded favorites, and more MGC fun than we’ve ever had before!

Remember that the best thing you can to to help the show out is to pre-order your ticket! Doing so helps us to add more and more amazing stuff to the show for everyone to enjoy! Please also note that there are multiple limited-entry events that you can sign up for this year, including Tom’s Open House, Friday Night VIG, and TWO new Saturday parties! More information will be revealed about all of these events in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for making it all possible!

Dan Loosen
Midwest Gaming Classic

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