In addition to tons and tons of classic home video game consoles, I also collect the full size coin-operated models. I currently have six machines crammed into a small “game room” in my apartment. One of
these, and the one that gets the most play from visitors, is Ms.Pac-Man.

But this isn’t your average run of the mill Ms. Pac-Man. This is a cabaret Cabinet, also known as a “mini-upright.” It’s about two thirds the size of a normal full size upright, sports a handsome wood grain finish, and is played on a bright 13″ color monitor. Why a cabaret? Well, I’ll tell you…

Picture it. Sicily. 1933. Your grandfather
and me…

OH WAIT A MINUTE!!! I slipped into a “Golden Girls” flashback! My bad! Here’s what I meant…

Spring 1982. A neighborhood in Southern Maryland named “Cliffton on the Potomac.” A sleepy Sunday morning, around 10 a.m. or so. An eight year old boy is enjoying his breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast,
the latest issue of “Electronic Games” opened before him. His parents are milling about, doing whatever it is moms and dads do while their child is oblivious. Dad comes into the room and announces that he will be
back in a few minutes as he’s leaving to get the Sunday paper. They know he won’t be gone long. A small family owned general store is about a mile away, at the edge of the neighborhood. Moments later, the boy
finishes breakfast just as Dad enters the front door.

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