When thinking of a gaming PC in the 1980s, not many would think of the Tandy-1000. I owned this as a young child in
1984. It was the first PC I have ever owned and memories of
playing it still stick with me today. This high-end PC (at the
time) ran around $1,000 dollars, which was a lot back in those
days. The PC could handle the latest and greatest games the
designers pushed at it. It wasn’t long into the 80s when the
first personal computer was brought to life, bringing with it the springboard effect that launched gaming into the global spotlight.

Video gaming was declining around this time as arcades and consoles were declining and most Atari console owners were turning to PCs for their gaming experience. Of course, this was also the time right before the home console world was taken by storm by Nintendo. In 1984 this was my go-to machine to play some games.

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