In this modern age, our lives are becoming increasingly digital. More and more things that we know, and love are making the leap over to the great wide web, making them supposedly easier to use. One thing that’s moved over to the online world are sports booked and many casinos are taking advantage of this opportunity. For example, you can soon get the Caesars Maryland sportsbook when it launches live online, allowing you to make sports bets without leaving your house. One other major thing that’s become more popular to be online is games. Online gaming has a massive following, and whether you prefer to play on your plugged in consoles or not, online gaming is here to stay. You might be wondering what technology they use to create such amazing graphics and stories in these games. If so, keep reading and discover the brilliant technology behind online games.

Infrastructure And Design

When you look at an online game, the first thing you’ll probably notice is how it looks. The design of a game can be a make or break point for a lot of people, so it’s key that developers work hard on this aspect if they want to gain new players. Game designers will typically use tools like Photoshop, 3DS Max, and ZBrush to create the amazing worlds that you’re wanting to see. Each game studio might use something slightly different to get their desired look, but generally, these are the most common ones. The infrastructure is regularly tested to ensure there are no errors, and they have an expert IT team on hand to help when problems do arise.


The most common online gaming software is C and C++. These are programming languages that allow you to manipulate the hardware to create the best game possible. It also gives the developers better control over things like memory management and it’s simple to run. C++ is also called an object-oriented programming language which means it makes the game into easily workable objects. This method can be easier to stay in control of as it keeps the different parts of the game in logical pieces. The beauty of C++ is that it can easily be used again if you need it elsewhere in the game too, cutting down on the amount of time spent developing.


A lot of online games will need specialised hardware in order to run smoothly. For example, the Xbox runs games from Microsoft, so without the Xbox hardware, the game might not run very well. Some online games will need to be run on their particular hardware if you want to enjoy the game to the max. You might be able to play them elsewhere like on PC, but it might not give you the same experience and you could encounter glitches.

Data And Security

Playing online games will typically require you to hand over some of your personal details. Whether that be your name and location, or email address and date of birth, this date is all sensitive data, and it needs to be protected. Data security is extremely important, so it’s crucial that online game developers don’t skimp out on it. A lot of the data will end up encrypted, making it hard to decipher and they also offer players the chance to make their own passwords to help protect their accounts even further. Some online games use a Virtual Private Network to reduce the chance of phishing and malware being used as a cyber-attack.

Digital Banking

Typically, most online games will have the function to purchase something with real money. Whether it’s purchasing in-game currency or bonus levels, most games will probably require you to purchase something at some point. This means the games need to have the technology to allow you to buy something digitally. You can normally pay by card, e-wallets, and other phone-specific payment methods like Apple Pay. These must be regulated within the game to ensure that your details are safe, and the data of the transaction is protected.

Online gaming is one of the most popular ways people game nowadays and the technology behind it is constantly evolving. Data security is one of the most important parts of developing a game as cybercriminals become smarter and learn how to hack the tightest anti-malware tech. Technology in online games has come such a long way in such a short space of time, and it’s exciting to see where it will be in just 5 years’ time. The rate of development is brilliant, and we can only expect to see great things in the world of online gaming for years to come.


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