Imagine if there was one company that fulfilled all the needs of all gamers, classic and current. Imagine if one company owned the rights to all the classic games and reissued them in contemporary and classic editions. Well, before you get your hopes too high, you may as well know that such a company does not exist. But what if there was one company today that has some involvement with nearly every console that ever existed? By all reasoning, this company would surely be the Ultimate Video Game Company. And this company does exist!

During the height of video games’ popularity, when every imaginable company was joining in, it was completely assumed that toy companies  would be interested in claiming a piece of the video game pie. Mattel, the number one toy company, wasted little time in creating an electronics division and diving right in. Other toy and game companies such as Coleco, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers followed suit. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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