Last issue’s examination off the Golden Age greats roused a vocal outcry from the gamers of the modern era They say: “How about giving recognition to the modern gamers who are just as good as the ‘golden oldies,’ but who, unfortunately, were born too late to get a shot at appearing in a LIFE magazine spread?”

Well, it’s a worthy request and it is true that many of today’s top gamers are just as good — if not even better than the gaming celebrities of yesteryear.

Looking over today’s competitive field, we find champions who have mastered “golden age” titles as well as modern console games. Some dominating the high score tables on a single games while others beating all-comers in multi- game. Here are champions recognized by Twin Galaxies, Fun Spot, and Galloping Ghost. Could any of them be declared the G.O.A.T. of our modern era?

Andrew Barrow With 157 registered high scores on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, Andrew holds 75 world records, mostly in the home console realm. However, he distinguished himself recently by coming from his native Australia to win history’s first-ever Galaga World Championships in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Martin Bedard With 299 registered records, Martin holds 102 world records on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard and stands supreme on titles like Smash TV, 1942, Astro Invader, and Time Crisis. Over the years he has been a top contender on the annual Fun Spot classics tournament.

Greg Bond From New Hampshire, Greg Bond entered the limelight when he broke the world records back-to-back on both Mappy and Make Trax.

Jason Cram From New Hampshire, Jason enjoys 180 registered high scores on th Twin Galaxies Scoreboard with seven of them being world titles on classic arcade games. Among them are big titles like: Challenger, Congo Bongo, Lazarian, Crazy Climber, and Kosmic Kroozr. Jason has also been a top finisher in Fun Spot’s annual classics tournament.

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Walter Day Walter Day (13 Posts)

Walter Day - As the founder of Twin Galaxies, the oldest video game scorekeeping and adjudication service in history, Walter Day is known as the creator of e-sports and has often been called The Patron Saint of Video Games.  His remarkable efforts to find, verify and catalog video game world records has led to a decades-long partnership with The Guinness Book of World Records.