March’s issue of the 20th Century G.O.A.T.s and May’s G.O.A.T.s of the 21st Century covered a lot of ground, but by no means are we done yet!

Andrew Barrow With 157 registered high scores on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, Andrew holds 75 world records, mostly in the home console realm. However, he distinguished himself recently by coming from his native Australia to win history’s first-ever Galaga World Championships in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kelly Kobashigawa captured ninth place in the Twin Galaxies 3rd Coronation Day Championships, held at the Captain Video Arcade in West Los Angeles, January 12-13, 1985. From Los Angeles, he was hand- picked to compete in the contest and was one of the greatest gamers in America. His main claim to fame was his unmatched skill on Konami’s Track N Field arcade game. His score of 95,040 points stood as the world record for more than 24 years. He also was a top arcade player on Hypersports, Mad Crasher, and Return of the Jedi.

Yasuhiro Oda was one of the most respected gamers of the early 1980s. A student at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, he competed in contests at many local arcades — among them the famous Mickey Ratt’s Arcade — and dominated the Twin Galaxies score- board on many titles. His arcade score of 2,228,650 points on MegaZone still stands today after 35 years, as does his 770,866- point tally on Space Ace. Plus, he was a former world record holder on Blue Print and Bubbles.

James Schneider, of San Diego, was the first player to almost turn Centipede and Millipede into a marathon. His Centipede score of 4,444,444 points and Millipede score of 6,995,962 — both world records in 1982 — could have both been much higher but he didn’t have any competition at that tine which would have inspired him to keep on going. So, he purposefully ended his games.

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Walter Day Walter Day (13 Posts)

Walter Day - As the founder of Twin Galaxies, the oldest video game scorekeeping and adjudication service in history, Walter Day is known as the creator of e-sports and has often been called The Patron Saint of Video Games.  His remarkable efforts to find, verify and catalog video game world records has led to a decades-long partnership with The Guinness Book of World Records.