Thanks to another heads up from a good friend of ours , we’ve been told that if you’re looking for something different to play on your C64, then make sure to check out la1n’s latest game preview of ‘TheHolyCube’; A game in which you need to grab all the circular colours to move on to the next level! In light of this news, considering it’s a bit on the slow side this week, Saberman has done a video of the game being played.

Here is what the creator says via the forum post located (here) which seems to be a translation. “Cozy one button action puzzler, 20 levels. Some are really tricky. Inspired by one button bob and ns-tower (1997). Coded in kickassembler in the c64 game engine cry64engine (chludens). The levels were designed according to the japanese r-type method: create a level, if you have to make 10 attempts, then the level comes into the game. Try to catch all pixel stars, circles. Try to not use too many lives to finish the game!”.

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