Either you’re at home or out and about with a laptop, the best thing about Pinball is anyone can pick up and play. From the very young to grown Adults, Pinball has always been such a joy to play by so many people. It brings us back to the days of Pinball machines at the Arcades which is becoming very rare! Thankfully another homebrew developer sees the fun in Pinball, as after already enjoying¬†Pinball Dreams as a port to the Amstrad by Batman Group, Rasmus Moustgaard is working on his own pinball game, which he is developing for the¬†Texas Instruments-99/4A!


From the look of the new work in progress video shown above this upcoming Pinball game for the TI-99/4A looks a ton of fun. Not only does it look to have a very upbeat soundtrack, but there’s collectable bonus points, high-score tables, voice synthesis(?), smooth flowing ball physics and much much more we can’t wait to experience when it finally gets a release on the TI-99/4A!
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