It doesn’t matter how advanced games are, there is always a special place in everyone’s heart for the classics. Sure, these retro games don’t have incredible graphics, they aren’t super varied, and basically, they don’t rival the modern-day titles for quality. But when you look back at them, they stir up some of those cherished memories while providing a very nostalgic experience.

As for what these retro games are, the shortlist will inevitably be different for everyone. For some, it might be classic casino games, for which you can lock in things like a McLuck casino promo for a solid bonus. For others, it might be games that relate to early phones, gaming consoles, or even PC games.

As for our own shortlist, we’ve discussed three games below that were true classics back in the day!

Jumpers for Goalposts

Was there any better way to waste a bit of time while having plenty of fun than playing Jumpers for Goalposts? This was one of the classic browser games that you could access and play on any PC, and amazingly, the first version of this one dates back 20+ years. The simplicity of this game was the true magic of it. All you had to do was click the mouse at the right moment to strike the ball into the back of the soccer net, yet this was much easier said than done.

Best of all, after each round, you could access a new round with different challenges, while the fundamental objective of scoring a goal remained the same.

Snake and Snake 2

Let’s switch the focus from PC classics to cell phone classics. On that note, if you are old enough to remember the days before smartphones, you may have very fond memories of a certain game called Snake. This was a game where you had to control the snake around the screen and gobble up food along the way.

When doing so, the snake would grow progressively larger, and you had to avoid crashing into yourself while still seeking the food. Sounds simple, right? Well, it was, but that’s what made it so entertaining as everyone sought to beat their own high scores and make progressively bigger snakes.

Bubble Trouble

For the third of these classic games, we’re going back to the browser games category. And this time around, there are no sporting events or snakes involved. Instead, Bubble Trouble boasted a progressive system where you operated as a guy who had one clear objective—burst all of the bubbles without getting hammered by them. The larger the bubble, the greater the challenge, as these bubbles would burst into smaller versions which you also had to clear.

Once you reached the later rounds, Bubble Trouble became pure mayhem, but that’s exactly why it was adored by people all over the globe. Furthermore, with special features like fixed ropes and frozen bubbles, this retro game was actually more diverse than most other games available at the same time.


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