Here’s some more Atari XL/XE news to be featured on the site, as Saberman also let us know that another game entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2023 was a rather interesting platform puzzle called ‘Time Wizard’. A game whereby you don’t just¬†manipulate time to your advantage, but you must put a stop to those evil Robots who are trying to change history to rule the world. If this sounds like your sort of game you’d like to play on your Atari XL/XE, make sure to check out the video below!

As ever, here’s what the website says about the game. “Robots from the future are trying to change history to rule the world. The only salvation for humanity is you, the Time Wizard. You must go to the future to the world of robots to prevent the disaster. Your task is to collect all the energy stored in hourglasses so that robots cannot go back in time. The mission is difficult but your advantage is the ability to manipulate time. You can stop it,¬† rewind or restore the history. But be careful! Some objects are resistant to time manipulation and you cannot control them”.

The game will be released after the ABBUC contest results have been announced.

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