Unlike some other videogames I possessed, Tintin: Prisoners
of the Sun was one of the few I played on my own. None of my
classmates or my cousin, whom I used to play a lot with, liked
the comics, The Adventures of Tintin. They were mostly interested in Spanish comics or in other international heroes.

But I never agreed with them in their dismissals of Tintin. I
always enjoyed reading these comics by Hergé which traced
the exploits of the titular character, a brave Belgian freelance
journalist, his canine sidekick Snowy, and his small circle of
trusted friends. I thought the comics were clever and superbly
written. The moment I knew that there were videogames based on some of Tintin’s adventures, I rushed to buy one!

I hope that you enjoy reading about Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun
as much as I liked playing it as a kid!

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