The first three Tomb Raider games are coming to an Evercade Cartridge!

Today we’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Crystal Dynamics to bring this great franchise to Evercade fans. These classic titles from the 32-bit era will be available as part of our new “Giga Cart” format of cartridges, which allows for increased capacity for more recent or CD-based retro games such as Tomb Raider and its sequels.

Tomb Raider Collection 1 will be cartridge number #40 of our red console line and marks the biggest franchise we’ve had to date. The new collection will release in July 2024 and be available for pre-order from April 30th, 2024 for £22.49/$24.99/€24.99.

Revisit the classic 32-bit adventure!

Tomb Raider is the game that defined an entire era of 3D gaming and the start of the classic era of Lara Croft’s adventures. Originally released in 1996, this adventure introduced the world to Lara with its exotic landscapes and mythological treasures alongside the genre-defining platforming and puzzle-solving gameplay.

Sequels Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft and Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, from 1997 and 1998 respectively, are also included in this collection in their original 32-bit console form. The games feature many locations from around the world and are offered on Evercade as the complete games as they were when first released.

Introducing Giga Cart!

The new Giga Cart format of Evercade cartridges allows for extra capacity for more recent or CD-based retro games! This collection will be the first of Evercade’s new Giga Carts.
So what do you need to know?
  • Giga Carts will have a higher price of £22.49/$24.99/€24.99
  • They are supported for all Evercade devices, including the original handheld, and the Super Pocket consoles
  • All come with a full-colour manual like always and the cart itself is exactly the same shape and size
  • You can identify a Giga Cart by the logo on the top right of the box

Included with Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R

Our newly announced hardware refresh, the Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R both come with Tomb Raider Collection 1 included!
So if you’re new to Evercade and want to get Tomb Raider, you can get both the Evercade console and the cartridge at the same time!
These consoles are also due for release on July 31st, 2024, and are available to pre-order from April 30th, 2024. Evercade EXP-R will retail for £99.99, $99.99 and €119.99 and Evercade VS-R will retail for £89.99, $99.99 and €109.99.



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