Many retro games have left an unforgettable mark on our hearts. And, needless to say, we want to play them again, to get the same bright emotions that we had long ago. But having downloaded and launched the classic project, we are more often disappointed than happy: angular models, outdated game design, inconvenient control – all this spoils the impression from the favorite game of the past.

This is where remakes come to the rescue – re-releases of games that have significantly improved various aspects: graphics, gameplay, interface, sound, location design, and so on. Some projects can completely change the original game, leaving only the basic concept, global plot twists, and main characters.

So if you’re a fan of colorful and exciting video games and casinos like, this article will help you figure out which game you want to play first.

Black Mesa

You don’t have to be well-versed in video game culture, but you know people who are crazy about the Half-Life game. And as soon as Valve announced the remake, there was no limit to the fans’ joy. After Half-Life: Source release only negative comments were heard, and the fans decided to create their own thing, that they liked.

Surprisingly enough, Valve supported the gamers’ initiative, and they started to create their project on the updated Source game engine. The project was named Black Mesa. The result of the work showed, how devoted and mad Half-Life fans can be at the same time.

As soon as the game was announced in 2005, fans started to work for 7 years (some works are still in progress). They intend to create a true masterpiece, worthy of admiration. With the help of perfect graphics and physics, finishing the gameplay, and adding elements such as dialog, choreography, and music, this project will stand in line with the projects that Valve will create in the future.

Resident Evil

Capcom has built a successful business on remakes, and one of the first examples was Resident Evil. The reimagining lovingly replicates the original, which even makes you wonder about the year of release: it is so unlike modern games.

But still, there are a couple of novelties: for example, the heroes learned how to escape from the grasp with a stun gun or by sticking a grenade in the mouth of a zombie. Also now the player will think a few times about killing zombies if there is no fire nearby – you don’t want to meet scarlet heads.

Resident Evil 2

A great remake of a great game: Capcom took the game seriously and gave players the classics in a new wrapper – with a familiar, albeit slightly modified storyline and gameplay that meets modern players’ needs.

The static camera is a thing of the past, new gameplay mechanics appeared, and the view from the protagonist’s shoulder gave us better control. As a result, Resident Evil 2 became not just a good remake, but also one of the best games of 2019.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important pillars of the gaming industry, an iconic RPG that many projects in the genre have looked back on. The game’s characters have consistently ranked among the best characters in history, and the key plot twist has struck many unprepared minds.

The remake has been awaited for a long time, and although the developers have made many changes in the gameplay, combat system, and even the script, and the story does not cover half of the original game (a sequel has been announced), fans were delighted. And newcomers as well. They’ve got a modern, very beautiful, and exciting role-playing game with a stunning world and an exciting story.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

A remake of the 1993 cult adventure. As in the original game, the main character Link finds himself on a mysterious island after a shipwreck and tries to find a way to get home. It’s a cute cartoon game with 3D graphics, interesting challenges, and exciting battles, made with Nintendo’s traditional attention to detail and ingenuity.

Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

A remake of the beloved early Pokémon Gold and Silver series could have easily failed. But Nintendo stepped up to the plate with confidence and introduced a bunch of new features. The games went full color, and the number of Pokémon almost doubled: to 493!

Catching that many pokémon would have been annoying if not for one “but”. They included a “Pokéwalker,” a pedometer that connects to the Nintendo DS using the IR port built into the cartridge. As you walk around, your Pokémon gains experience and successfully powers up in anticipation of new battles.

Demon’s Souls Remake

In 2009, Demon’s Souls laid the foundation for the Souls series and brought back the fashion for hardcore RPGs, spawning quite a few imitators, characterized by the apt word “soulslike.”

The remake of the game in 2020 was included in the starting lineup of titles for the fresh PlayStation 5 console, and it not only offers players harsh challenges but also unlocks the potential of the non-nextgen platform, delighting gamers with beautiful graphics, amazing sound, and active use of the DualSense controller features. The re-release retains the high difficulty and key story milestones but adds some innovations that enhance the quality of the gameplay experience.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is an example of how a game with a rudimentary plot and a lot of mystery remains exciting from beginning to end. All thanks to the stunningly realized battles with the colossi, the giant bosses that the protagonist must kill to resurrect his beloved.

Impressive on PS2, the game got even more beautiful on PS4, for which a remake was released. It retells the familiar story but also offers improved visuals and controls, as well as minor gameplay improvements.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

If you’re craving something exciting with a sports theme, Pro Skater 1+2 is the way to go. Now the game looks great and sounds killer: the new visuals are spot on, and the soundtrack is simply legendary.

It’s funny how searching for the 411 secret tapes never seems to get boring. And it’s already been 24 years!

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Naughty Dog is now known as the company that creates great third-person adventures, but it was Crash Bandicoot and it’s crazy adventures that brought them their first high-profile fame. The remake has tried to keep the spirit of the original and transferred the first three parts to modern times.

All aspects were improved: the sound, dialogues, cutscenes, and graphics were created from scratch, and the gameplay was subjected to minor changes for extra convenience. Moreover, now you can play not only as Crash, but also as his sister Koko, and the locations are scattered checkpoints for convenience and various secrets like additional levels.



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