How often do you play games that are quite old, but still relevant and nostalgically appealing to you? Surely everyone has a couple or three games that are pleasant to remember, noting any events associated with them, or just to note how far ahead of time the game was, made you dive in and left a mark on your gaming experience, the same mark you get when you play Today we’re here to remember projects that have stood the test of time and are relatively comfortable to play in 2023.


A masterpiece saga about vampire hunter Simon Belmont, who wields a whip as well as Indiana Jones. Fight Dracula himself and his ilk. Besides the whip, you will have various additional weapons: axes, boomerangs, knives, and holy water – each with its features.

Although Castlevania was released in the early days of the NES era, it boasts an atmospheric soundtrack and great graphics. You will enjoy them to the fullest, as the game is quite challenging to play.

Dragon Warrior

One of the first RPGs for the NES, along with Final Fantasy, in which you can upgrade several player characteristics. The plot is classic, you are a valiant knight, the kingdom is in danger, and the princess is in the hands of an evil dragon. Despite such platitudes, the game delights with its depth, hours of gameplay, and soundtrack.


A great, never-retired shooter for all time. It’s what a lot of people associate with the NES. The 80s was an era when games heavily exploited movie cliches of muscular tough guys with big guns.

In the Contra game, two guys are fighting against the Red Falcon terrorist organization. You have a bunch of weapons at your disposal, with the help of which you have to storm levels filled with numerous enemies and bosses.

Batman: The Video Game

A worthy incarnation of the Batman story, based on the 1989 film. Gotham is overrun with all sorts of scum and the Dark Knight has to take to the streets of the city and clean them up.

Batman is great at hand-to-hand combat with enemies, but he also has a limited supply of special weapons – a gun, discs, and boomerangs. And Batman can climb up walls, just like a Ninja Gaiden hero. The game is as challenging as the aforementioned Ninja Gaiden.

Megaman and Megaman 2

A mega-popular Capcom title. A valiant robot with superpowers cleanses the world of other robots with more evil intentions. The game is simply a masterpiece – stunning graphics, non-linear gameplay, and new abilities you get after defeating the bosses. They will help you deal with ordinary enemies, and with other bosses, which in the game are quite interesting.

And if you like playing online casino allowed in Australia, you’ll enjoy the famous sequel to the first part, which made the series popular. The game became visibly better both in terms of graphics and gameplay, separately it is worth mentioning the soundtrack, which can rightly be considered one of the best in the series. Our hero got new weapons and abilities, also it is possible to replenish his energy, and together with the password system, it made the game not as hardcore as the first part.

Super Mario Bros.

Among video game fans, there is hardly a person who has not heard of Mario. This series is one of the biggest and most successful. A legendary game that is impossible to pass due to its infinity.

To this day, almost every year games about the most famous plumber in the world are released, where the main gameplay, opponents, and characters have not changed for decades. What’s more, the new Mario for Nintendo Wii game is extremely similar to the original and has received much praise from critics.

Legend of Zelda

The developers of Legend of Zelda must be very proud of their creations. Just imagine, the cartridge was made of gold-colored plastic, somehow hinting to players that mountains of treasure are waiting for them and the game itself is nothing but a treasure, too.

Players explored the iconic world of Hyrule to punish the perennial villain Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda. You had as many as nine monster-infested dungeons where you had to work up quite a sweat. Also, this game was the first home console title to have a built-in battery for storing saves.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy did more for the RPG genre than GoldenEye 007 later did for the FPS shooters. The game has taken the best from its counterparts like Dragon Warrior, and noticeably improved many of their elements, such as random battles and the world map. Character classes were added, making it a must in future games. Later, the original Final Fantasy spawned a series of games on a wide variety of consoles that are still being released today.


An excellent RPG, similar to Legend of Zelda in mechanics and gameplay in many ways, but different in detail. Compared to the other better-known RPGs from the NES, Crystalis stands out for its elaborate story twisted around a madcap fusion of science fiction and fantasy. Nintendo later bought the original rights to the game and ported it to the Game Boy Color 10 years later.


Nintendo 64 games are journeys through the mysterious world of the first 3D graphics and adventures with characters from the 90s. On various sites users have written detailed reviews of these games, which will help to familiarize themselves with them in absentia. For those who appreciate the best, formed a rating of the most popular games.

Nintendo games that everyone remembers from childhood have received a lot of positive reviews and awards and remain at the top of the list for many fans.





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