Since the PlayStation 4’s release in 2013 there have been endless games published for the more than 100 million players to enjoy. They come across a variety of genres – sport, fantasy, shooting among many others.

Casino games are no different – available in both paid and free-to-play varieties, with the options to play against the AI, friends and/or other human players across the world.

Here are our top three favourite casino games currently available on the PS4 console:

  1. Four Kings Casino and Slots

Hands down our favourite casino and slots game on the PS4, Four Kings Casino and Slots was released by Digital Leisure Inc. in 2015 that remains popular today. It’s free to download with purchasable add-ons within the game.

After creating a personalised 3D avatar, Four Kings immerses you in a realistic casino experience. You’ll have a fair amount of options to make your avatar unique to you but the more you play the game the more customisable features you’ll unlock.

All of the games you’d expect to find at a casino are created within this game – Texas Hold’Em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Keno and even Bingo. Whilst these games aren’t as enjoyable as the real thing and don’t match up to the best bingo site like Wink Bingo or best casino sites out there, it’s a very enjoyable experience, particularly when playing with friends.

Similar to a brick-and-mortar casino, you can choose which games to play, with friends or strangers, what stakes you want to place and even find VIP rooms for high rollers.

  1. Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker isn’t a full casino game as such as it focuses solely on poker, but as it’s the best poker game on the PS4 we had to include it in our list. Developed by Pipeworks Studio, it was published by 505 Games in 2016.

This game is ideal for gambling fans who enjoy casino games like poker, blackjack, or craps. Moreover, players who like to explore a new online casino £3 deposit bonus list in order to find the best gambling platform with the best casino games, could enjoy playing their favorite games on a console like PS4. People who want to try out a different way of playing online casino games, might find what they are looking for by playing Prominence Poker on PlayStation.

Another free-to-play game found on the PlayStation Store, Prominence Poker remains popular today and you’ll never have a problem finding opponents to face in ring games at any time of the day. The game brings in players from all over the world to compete against each other, or the AI if you so prefer, to build up rep points, prestige, and of course, your bankroll.

There are purchasable add-ons within the game for real money, such as additional chips and boosts, which won’t set you back much at all. Set in an underground world, hustle your way through six different poker rooms and win enough games to earn a showdown with the Mayor…

Ever wondered what it’d be like to participate in a high-stakes game of Texas Hold’em? Well, wonder no more. Pure Hold’em, developed by VooFoo Studios, is a realistic simulation of the popular card-based game. It follows in the tradition of previous titles from the Birmingham-based developer, including Pure Pool and Pure Chess, offering its audience a combination of accessibility and difficulty.

  1. Pure Hold’em

Developed by VooFoo Studios, Pure Hold’em is another free-to-play game available from the PlayStaiton Store. Another realistic simulation of the popular card-based poker game, Poker Hold’em from the Birmingham-based developer that previously published games including Pure Pool and Pure Chess.

There are a number of tournaments in this game each with their own challenges. Starting at a low skill level in the Joker and Jack tournaments, players can work their way up to tougher tournaments including the Queens, Kings, Aces and ultimately, the Masters events.

Tables contain up to eight players, which is two more than Prominence Poker. So you may prefer this game over the previously mentioned game if you have a wider group of friends you plan to play online poker with. Check out Bluechip Aviator when you have a chance.

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