Sweepstakes casinos have hundreds of games to choose from, including the latest releases from industry movers and shakers like Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. However, there are also all kinds of old-school slots, fish games, and table games at your fingertips. Here are our picks for the best three old-school sweepstakes games:

Diamond Explosion 7s

Diamond Explosion 7s is an old-school slot by Ruby Play that features stunning shining diamond symbols and fruit symbols crafted from precious stones. This slot has a classic nostalgic feel, every time you spin the reels, you can envision yourself in Las Vegas in the 80s, soaking up all the glitz and the glamor!

Diamond Explosion 7s is a high-volatility slot loaded with five reels and three rows. It offers 50 unique ways to win and wild symbols that can trigger anywhere on the four jackpots from a single spin. You can play Diamond Explosion 7s at a free sweepstakes casino and win real cash prizes up to 800x your spin! To learn about the best sweepstakes casinos that feature Diamond Explosion 7s, read TheGameDay Casino’s extensive reviews and take advantage of their exclusive bonuses. They also have fantastic guides that will quickly level up your sweepstakes casino knowledge.

Emily’s Treasure

This is an old-school fish game by Blazesoft, a Canadian developer. In this retro arcade-style game, you control a cannon, and your job is to unleash a hail of bullets at different sea creatures as they race around the map. The more fish you take out, the higher your game balance rises. Different sea creatures have different payout rates based on their difficulty to kill and how often they appear on the underwater map.

To win at Emily’s Treasure, you need to strategically decide which types of bullets and cannons to use and which types of sea creatures to use. You also need to ration your ammo because every time you fire your cannon, it costs you money!


If you believe in Chinese legends, this lottery-style game has been played since 205-187 BCE, which certainly qualifies it as an old school with a capital O game! The ancient Chinese government was ahead of its time and used keno to finance the state budget, including large-scale building projects.

Keno is a game of pure chance where you select up to 20 numbers from 1 to 80. Then, numbers are randomly drawn, and the more numbers you correctly match, the more you win. A fun fact about Keno: the chances of matching all 20 numbers correctly are 1 in 3.5 quintillion, we bet you didn’t know that number existed!

So, if you fancy an old-school sweepstakes gaming session, you can’t go wrong with Diamond Explosion 7s, Emily’s Treasure, or Keno. You can play these games for free and win real cash prizes!

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