The emergence of mobile casinos has accelerated the download of gambling entertainment and opened up the possibility to earn at any time and in any place with a connection to the network. However, this was not always the case, and not everyone was able to try their hand at other, more traditional games. This article presents a ranking of the top 3 retro games worth trying.

Luckily for the players, you don’t have to spend any personal money to play. All giveaways are conducted with chips. If you feel like playing any of the following retro games for real, we recommend getting free chip no deposit bonuses first or looking for other free game opportunities.

Las Vegas Cool Hand

This game was released on the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour in 1998. It is an unusual combination of blackjack, cribbage and solitaire. The developer also provided several variations of entertainment.

Immediately after starting the game, the user receives a certain amount of money. His main task is to increase it in the process. Among the advantages of Las Vegas Cool Hand stand out simple rules that were clear even to beginners in the field of gambling.

An unpleasant feature of the game is the lack of a save function. Players were faced with the fact that the accumulated amounts were reset to zero after restarting the entertainment. It is worth noting that after the release, Las Vegas Cool Hand did not attract the attention of American and European users as much as expected. But now, the game is gradually gaining popularity.

Golden Nugget

A unique software that contains seven poker games in different variations. Additional feature in the sounds of the casino. We can say that this is one of the first games with musical accompaniment in the form of falling coins, spinning drums, and other sounds.

Golden Nugget is software for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. Notably, the game has a story. It was voiced by actor Adam West. Therefore, it also became one of the first immersive casino games. Golden Nugget is the founder of most of the slots now found in online casinos.

Hoyle Casino

The game was released in 2000. It was then updated in 2016. It goes on Windows, Mac, Sega Dreamcast, and Game Boy Colour. Of interest: it’s one of the few that has helped the player learn how to develop real-time winning strategies. Some of the advantages of the entertainment include hints, simple rules, a storyline, and lots of mini-games inside.

Over the years, Hoyle Casino has sold over 230 thousand units. The developers earned an average of $6.15 million. Today Hoyle Casino is not such a popular entertainment. But it is worth it to try to explore the “vastness” of the game.


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