Card games are making a comeback! Many of your favourite card games have been reimagined as video games – and there are plenty of unique card-based video games being released all the time. This genre will always be popular as every card game involves elements of strategy and luck; a winning combination for any avid gamer. 

Which digital card games should stay on your radar? We went through the effort of looking at many of the top games at the moment and somehow managed to whittle it down to a top five! 

#1 Blackjack

This iconic card game is played at casinos around the world and can easily be played at an independent casino UK online. People love it as it’s one of the few casino games with a huge skill element. Sure, luck is involved, but you’re largely in control of your fate. 

It’s a fun game to play in your spare time – and you can get really good at it. The thrill of deciding whether to draw or stay makes it unbelievably enticing. Your gaming experience is made better these days by live blackjack tables too; it adds to the thrill and you can have lots of banter with the dealers! 

#2 UNO

Yes, the legendary family card game is available online. As of August 2017, UNO is the number one game property in the world. It’s bigger than Monopoly and all other board games, so it makes sense to have an online version too. 

Gamers can purchase UNO on countless platforms, but it’s most popular on Steam. The game plays like a normal UNO match, only you can play against random people online or form a lobby with friends. It lets you add house rules too, such as stacking +2s and +4s, jumping in when you have the same card and much more. 

The best feature is comfortably the sheer array of expansion packs you can use. Why play regular UNO when you can play any of the following: 

  • UNO Flip!
  • UNO 50th Anniversary
  • UNO Valhalla
  • UNO Just Dance
  • UNO Rayman
  • UNO Fenyx’s Quest
  • UNO The Call of Yara

They give the same UNO experience but with a few new thrills along the way! 

#3 Marvel Snap

Marvel is a multi-billion franchise with a host of movies, comics and TV shows to its name already. Recently, the company unveiled major plans to release loads of new video games. GamesRadar reports that Wolverine and Blade games are just two of many coming in the next handful of years. 

Alongside these big-budget console games, Marvel has journeyed into the world of playing cards. Its mobile game – Marvel Snap – received rave reviews when released in 2022 and is free to play on the App Store, Google Play or Steam. 

The game itself is a deck-builder; you create decks filled with Marvel heroes and villains, all of which have different abilities and power levels. You’re then thrust into games with opponents as the two of you fight over “territories”. The idea is to play cards and gain more power in each territory than your opponent. Whoever holds the most territories overall will be crowned the winner. 

New cards can be earned by winning games or you can purchase booster packs. It’s remarkably fun and a fine choice for Marvel fans or fans of classic deck-building card games. 

#4 Codenames

Codenames is a funny entry as most people recognise it as an online game. It rose to fame during Lockdown 2020/21 as popular streamers started playing it online. But, the original game is card-based and can be played in real life. 

What’s this title all about? Codenames is a party game requiring two teams of players. Each team is split into two categories: the guessers and the spymaster. A grid of cards is laid out for all to see, but the spymasters on either team are the only ones who see what colours the cards are. 

The red team has a selection of cards and so does the blue team. Then, you have neutral cards and a black card that immediately ends the game. It’s up to the spymaster to provide one-word clues for guessers to select the right colour cards for their team. Guess all of your team’s cards and you win! 

It’s a tricky game to comprehend at first, but you soon get into it. While it can be played with only two players, Codenames is best when you have a decent squad of 6 or more. 

#5 Pokemon TCG

Who isn’t a fan of Pokemon?

It’s one of Nintendo’s prized assets – and a big reason behind the surging stock prices as of late – yet Pokemon is also famed for something else: trading cards! 

You likely remember the world going Pokemon card mad not that long ago as specific cards were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars online. Well, if you’re into this franchise and love the trading card game, you’ll be pleased to know it’s available online. 

It’s available for free and is fully compatible with Windows and Apple devices. The digital version is a replica of the classic trading card game, only with cool animations and battle stadiums. You can build your deck and get ready to fight countless opponents while earning points and unlocking new cards. The coolest element has to be that you can trade with other players too! 

Are you a fan of card games and video games? Check out these five titles that blend the best of both worlds. You’ll subject yourself to hours of fun and get buried deep down a strategy rabbit hole. 

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