Playing slot machines always was and will be popular among gamblers. These are games that are most simple to play so we can consider them the key reason for their permanent popularity. The slots industry counts decades and because of high demand, it changes every day. Dozens of different game providers releasing new slots to attract more and more customers. They try to create new competitive advantages with a higher quality of visual design, more diverse bonuses, or a higher amount of possible winnings. Yes, this has a very positive impact on the global slots industry but also comes with negative effects.

More specifically, it causes constant development and expands the slots industry more and more. We can see the better visual quality, more diverse themes, higher orientation to multipliers and payouts, new types of bonuses, and most importantly, a higher level of customer orientation. The best thing is that no matter your goal or taste, you can find any type of slot game on most online casino games.

Even though there are tons of newly released slot machines, some of the old games still remain very popular. This can be due to several reasons such as lower volatility, better-structured paylines, or higher amount of winnings. For those who love old slots, provider companies release their spin offs. This is an effective way to encourage the part of the audience. If you are one such type of player, this article is just the right address for you. Down below we will introduce you to some of the very nostalgic slots and their spin offs which will bring more excitement to your gambling experience if you try them.

Starburst – The Game for Space Lovers

Starburst is one of the nostalgic slots from the NetEnt game provider which still is very in demand even though the spin offs. The game, inspired by the space team, was outstanding with its visual elements and features. Here you will play with 10 paylines and high volatility. The RTP is acceptable as equals 96.10%.  The game does not have the highest payouts but can give you a pretty high amount of prizes with expanding wilds, free spins, and sticky symbols.

The game has some spin offs called Starburst Touch, Starburst Max,  Starbatch, and Starburst Mini. Similar to the next examples, the main conditions did not change and the only difference was for winning amounts. From spin offs the most popular was Starbatch. So, if you are interested in trying something simple but exciting, you can try the Starbatch version at Coinplay casino.

Mega Moolah – The Best Nostalgic Slot For Jackpot Fans

Nothing is more exciting than playing jackpot slot games. Knowing that you can win hundreds of thousands and even millions of USD gives an amazing motivation to use the best playing strategy and win the main prize. Anywhere, if you search for the game with the highest jackpot, firstly you will see Mega Moolah.

It is quite an old slot game, released in November 2006,  by Microgaming. Even though it has been more than a decade, the slot remains very popular. Note that this game is not outstanding in design and visual aesthetics. It is a normal, 2D animated game, inspired by an African jungle. Similar to ordinary design, conditions are not the best too. The RTP is quite low and equals 88.12%. The volatility is high and the bonus features are not very diverse. But it is a progressive jackpot slot. The highest winning Mega Moolah was in 2009 when a Greek man won about 6 million EUR.

So as this project was successful, many spin offs were released late. One of them is Mega Moolah Isis. The main difference between the previous version is only the theme of the game. Other conditions, including payouts, volatility, number of paylines, and even the level of RTP remained the same. Different from the previous one this slot is inspired by Egyptian culture. Even though it’s the same progressive jackpot, it has not become as popular as the first version.  The same can be said about the Mega Moolah Summertime slot.

Gonzo’s Quest – Slot Inspired By Ancient Civilizations

This is another successful slot game known for its dynamic aesthetics and adventurous bonus features. Different from the Mega Moolah, this is a newly released slot by the NetEnt provider company. The slot is colorful and includes unique characters. The video slot includes 20 paylines with the jackpot feature. The RTP is acceptable and equals 96%. The highest amount you can win is 125 000 EUR.

As the game became popular, two more spin offs. One of them was Gonzo’s Quest VR which was released in 2018 but did not have as huge success as the original version. The theme remained the same but the quality of visuals significantly improved. The same can be said about the second spin off called Gonzo’s Quest: Avalanche Reels. Here winning amounts made the game more attractive. Other conditions including RTP and paylines remained the same.



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