This month I‘ll be talking about one of my favorite games, Twinkle Star Sprites. Twinkle Star Sprites was released on
the Neo-Geo MVS and AES in 1996 by ADK, who also made games like Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Masters and World Heroes.

The only time Twinkle Star Sprites was released in America was on the Neo-Geo MVS arcade unit, which was poorly translated to the point that they didn‘t even translate the end credits. So sit
back, grab some Pocari sweat and let us take a look at the original Twinkle Star Sprites.

Twinkle Star Sprites is unlike any game out there. It‘s a hybrid of a Vs Puzzle game, like Poyo Pop and a vertical SHMUP. The game is easy to play but very hard to master. Twinkle Star Sprites stars a little girl named Lord Run and her trusty sidekick Rabbicat. (A Cat/Rabbit, like Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo) Run is
on a quest to find the Twinkle Star which has the power to make your dreams come true. Of course, other people are out to get it and that‘s pretty much the reason why you‘re fighting others in the game. Since it‘s a shooter, it doesn‘t really matter what the
story is. The game uses a really cutesy art style which causes many people to call the game a “Cute em‘ Up.” I really hate when Twinkle Star Sprites is called that because, underneath all of the cute characters and pastel colors, lies a really deep and challenging two player game. The music of the game is also
cutesy. It‘s got some catchy tunes but nothing you‘d listen to in the car. The characters also have their own voices and they‘ll say different things depending on how they‘re doing in the game.

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