New Wave Toys is excited to be back on Kickstarter to introduce our next product line..

Our RepliTronics™ line brings back the heyday of 80s and 90s electronics with iconic devices reimagined for the modern electronic ecosystem.

This campaign will help us launch our first two products in the line, both designed to bring some Retro flair to the mundane landscape of charging devices.

RepliTronics USB Charge Machine is a fully-functional, USB charging station built into a miniaturized, vintage arcade Change Machine replica developed by New Wave Toys.

Designed with fine sixth-scale details and packed with modern tech, our Charge Machine measures 8.5 inches tall – the perfect size for your home or office.


Minds were blown when we previewed the Charge Machine prototypes at E3 2019. Shack News even gave us an award for most innovative product!



The Charge Machine features 5x USB 2.0 ports + 1x USB 3.0 quick-charge port allowing it to power 6x USB compatible devices at once!



  • Accurately reproduced 1/6th scale vintage arcade Change Machine replica
  • Charge up to six devices at a time (1x USB 3.0 + 5x USB 2.0)
  • Premium mixed-media cabinet appointments: wood, metal, plastic
  • Advance safety features
  • LED indicator
  • Accurate art reproduction on 3M vinyl overlays
  • Includes 10′ AC power cord
  • Includes mini coins
  • Frustration free packaging
  • MSRP: $60

Designed with advanced safety features including: 

  • Surge protection
  • Over/Even charging protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Lab tested & UL certified

Constructed with premium materials including: wood, metal, plastic & rubber


The RepliTronics Hotline 16000 mAh Power Bank is a multi-functional, portable power bank built into a replica 1:1 scale, vintage personal cassette player.

We packed a massive 16,000 mAh battery and a ton of high-tech features into exactly the same size device you remember from back in the day. Our replica casing not only captures all the authentic details of this iconic device, but also provides excellent protection for the battery inside.


Not only does it look cool outside, we’ve packed the Hotline 16000 with all the features you expect in a modern portable power solution including 10W fast wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices! Fully charge your iPhone X in 2.8H and up to 3x times.

Our Hotline 16000 also features USB-A 3.0 and USB-C 18W quick chargeports enabling the user to charge up to three devices simultaneously!  These ports auto-detect and auto-select the correct charging output required by the connected device (tablet, phone, etc).

Charge your iPhone X via the USB 3.0 Quick Charge port in just over an hour (1.1 hrs), and get over 4 full charges before needing to recharge the Hotline 16000’s battery.



  • Accurately reproduced 1:1 scale vintage personal cassette player replica protective shell
  • Charge up to three devices at the same time
  • Quick charge both wired and wireless
  • Advance safety features
  • LED Flashlight
  • Tactile buttons and sliders
  • Frustration free packaging
  • MSRP: $50


The Hotline 16000 is designed to both recharge and discharge at the same time. When charging alone, the Hotline 16000 will fully recharge in 5 hours via the USB-C port using a 3A wall charger.

Designed with advanced safety features including:

  • Built in Surge protection
  • Built in over changing / even charging protection
  • Built in overheat protection
  • Built in short circuit protection


For more information, visit Kickstarter



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