The retro news just keeps on coming this weekend, as earlier today we found out ‘ Sabre Wulf ‘ will be coming to the C64 as a full remaster by Genesis Project. Yes indeed this famous game released in 1984 by Ultimate Play the Game, and originally released on the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, C64 and Amstrad CPC, will soon be making its home yet again on the C64 but this time with incredible remastered graphics such as in game and a fancy loader. To coincide with this news, we’ve got some footage of the game below and a download of the preview to try.


It’s incredible to think how many Ultimate Play the Game articles have appeared on Indie Retro News over the years. As not only did we have Melkhior’s Mansion – The Ultimate Play the Game ‘Atic Atac’ inspiration to enjoy on the PC, but we also had Alien-8 for the C64, as well as other greats such as Knightlore as a full Z80 Conversion to the C64, and Gunfright Ultimate Edition on the C64. It’s just a shame that as of this moment we don’t have any further info on the Sabre Wulf Remaster, but rest assured as soon we know more we will let you all know.

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