With the release of Warzone 2.0, Infinity Ward’s battle royale brings a lot of new weapons. Although there are probably more advantages in the variety of equipment, it is difficult for a novice player to understand which guns should be preferred on the Al Mazrah map.

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Read about the best weapons in Warzone 2.0 in our material.

Assault rifles

Assault rifles (AR) are the most versatile weapons in Warzone 2.0. Certain builds perform effectively both at short and medium distances, as well as at long ranges. Of course, the best assault riffles are very hard to obtain.

M4 (real equivalent: M4A1)

First of all, the good thing about this assault rifle is that it is easy to obtain. It opens at the fourth profile level – that is, it is available almost from the start of the game. The M4 has relatively low recoil and high damage at range. Thanks to the modules, the ammunition in one magazine can be increased to 60 rounds, which is enough to fight both individuals and squads.

TAQ-56 (real analogue: FN SCAR-L)

This assault rifle will become available at profile level 19. The main feature of the TAQ-56 that sets it apart from other ARs is its rate of fire. In addition, it has little recoil, which makes the TAQ-56 very stable from match to match.

Kastov-74U (real analogue: AKS-74U)

To get Kastov-74U, you will need to upgrade Kastov-545 to level 13. Unlike the above assault rifles, the Kastov-74U is more like a submachine gun because it fires effectively at short and medium distances. This AR is not suitable for long-range combat. However, this disadvantage is compensated by high damage and low recoil. Keep in mind that the Kastov-74U clip can hold a maximum of 45 rounds, which may not be enough in a match against squads.

Combat rifles

Battle rifles (DMRs) are designed for medium to long-range combat. In the first season of Warzone 2.0, only four types of these weapons are presented, among which one gun stands out.

FTAC Recon (real analogue: AR-15 Recon)

To unlock FTAC Recon, you need to upgrade your M4 to level 14. This combat rifle has high damage, thanks to which you can kill opponents in two or three accurate shots. The lethal force is compensated by the small magazine, which by default only holds ten rounds. With the help of modules, the ammunition can be increased to 15, sacrificing the reload speed.

Submachine guns

Submachine guns (SMGs) are designed for close-range shooting. Weapons in this category allow the owner to remain very mobile, so they are suitable for gamers who want to play actively.

Fenech-45 (real analogue: KRISS Vector)

Fenech-45 will become available after reaching profile level 38. This SMG has the highest rate of fire, which sets it apart from its competitors. In addition, the weapon has the best range among guns of its class, at which it does not lose damage, as a result of which it can be used in firefights even at medium distances. It is worth considering that Fenech-45 greatly reduces mobility, unlike other SMGs.

Lachmann-Sub (real analogue: MP5)

This is one of the most popular weapons in the game. Lachmann-Sub will open after reaching level 12 Lachmann-556. This is a stable weapon that will allow the player to be as mobile as possible, and good damage makes it possible to quickly shoot opponents at close range.

Vaznev-9K (real analogue: PP-19-01 Vityaz)

Players can obtain it by upgrading Kastov-74U to level 15. Vaznev-9K is an analogue of Kastov-74U but in the class of submachine guns. This weapon has a long firing range – that is why it is well-suited for close to medium-range combat.


Light machine guns

Light Machine Guns (LMGs) are the heaviest weapon type in Warzone 2.0. They have high damage and a large magazine. However, they are also heavy and this fact greatly limits mobility.

RAAL machine gun (real analogue: SIG Sauer MG 338)

To open this weapon, you need to level up your account to level 25. RAAL has one of the highest times to kill in the game. This feature allows you to effectively shoot an entire squad of enemies without reloading. But it is worth considering that this machine gun has a low rate of fire and slow entry into the sight. It is somehow unusual for many players. At the same time, the RAAL has almost no recoil – it meant, that it easy to fire at medium distances.

Of course, you need to choose for yourself what is more convenient for you to play with. The choice of weapon depends on many factors, including your playing style. Therefore, try new weapons and you will find the one that suits you best.

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