As I sit in my dressing room, calmly sipping my ginger lemon
tea, I glance at the clock on the wall and silently count down
from three. There’s a knock on my door. Usually, I just expect
the knock, but today, I’m looking forward to it. At least, I hope
I can look forward to it. You never know when these past acts
might cancel at the last minute. Bringing up lost success is never

I call out for the knocker to come in. It’s the production assistant,
headphones around his neck and clipboard in his hand. I can tell
from his smile that it’s good news. If the guest had cancelled, he
would be scowling and getting our backup guest ready for the
show. I smiled too. The backup guests were the Dynamite Dux.
They were still bitter that Fate prevented them from getting a
guest spot on Captain N — The Game Master. I didn’t need to
sit through that story again.

I was already in my jacket and set to go, just doing a quick tszuj
on my tie as I went past the mirror. Down the hall and getting to
the sound stage, I see Yuko Asou, sporting a very nice pantsuit
ensemble, in a makeup chair with people getting her ready. The
years had been kind to her, although there was darkness under
her eyes, a sadness, which the crew couldn’t cover up. Like all
anime creations, she didn’t require much to be ready for her
close-up. She got out of the chair and as she turned her head to
the interview set, she saw me.

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