Valorant is one of the most popular FPS or First Person Shooter games in the world. Thousands of players are coming to the field every single day to win their shot. And the key to acing the gameplay is to know some clever hacks and tricks.

However, the expertise level of a newbie and a pro player will never match. It might take a long time to fill in the gaps between the two sides. After all, who does not want to have the best experience?

So, here we are with the tips you should know before plunging into the game.

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Faking defuse

In this game, the attacking team will have to plant spikes in a site. It is not an easy task because the opponent team will try to turn you down in every possible way. But here, we are not talking about spike planting. The afterward scenario is what we need to focus on.

No team will plunge into defusing the spikes just after you plant them. But here, they can play a mind game. They might come near the spikes and act as if they are diffusing them. But in reality, they are just provoking you. In this situation; you need to use your brain and gut feelings to decide whether you should come out of hiding or play smart.

A tip here would be, if you are defusing it, you can take it halfway line and drop it there. And later, when the defuser takes charge, it will start to defuse f4om the halfway mark. So, 3.5 seconds to defuse and not much room for mind games!


Run and Gun- not wise

Another helpful tip while playing Valorant is you should not run and shoot at the same time. In most other shooting games, you can jump, run and shoot altogether. But remember that one thing necessary in valorant is your movement.

So, you need to be cautious while moving. There is a system in this game that improves your shooting accuracy. And with the latest update, you have to stand still for aiming and shooting. Therefore, running or moving now has an impact on your game.

A tip here is that you should always crouch while shooting. Do not ever jump and fire, as you are more likely to miss your shot. Try to strafe and crouch simultaneously. Another tip is to use a knife while running. You will run much faster if you carry a knife other than doing the same with a gun.

Explore your agent strength

Different characters and agents in the game represent themselves with some unique features. Let me share some characteristics.

Raze has a unique feature which is called Boom bot. This feature allows you to scout your enemies and deal damage on impact while moving along the ground.

Phoenix’s flame is one of the best things you can experience in the game. The flame can be used to harm opponents but also used to heal himself.

Omen’s unique feature includes teleporting. You must know what teleporting is. So, no point in discussing that.

But how can you utilize it? Well, if you see you do not have much time left for defusing a bomb, you can safely teleport to another location other than being affected by the blast. Teleporting can be really helpful while playing in a critical situation.

So, utilize all of the special features to get the best results.

Final thoughts

Valorant stands as one of the most popular games right now in the world. Crores of players come to examine their skills here with an ambition to win the game. However, not all can succeed in their mission. Some players come and leave without fulfilling their desire to taste victory. And the newbie players are often seen to be disappointed in the first place.

If you can channel your labor and practice into a planned way, success is not far from you. Try to avoid the sniper role in the beginning. At first, play and learn the hacks usually, then go for a bigger mission. Do not haste and always communicate with your team about your steps.

That is all about the tips on Valorant (I wish I had used them in the first place). Just play confidently and use the hacks well.

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