We use playing cards for amusement, gaming, and entertainment purposes. The history of playing cards dates back to ancient China. The standard deck of 52 cards that we know today comes from centuries of transformations and design changes. Even now, playing cards have withstood the test of time, where we see modern designs aside from the standard Bicycle brand we are familiar with. There are card designers and brands that incorporate pop culture and video game-inspired themes into their cards. Here, you will know some video game-inspired cards you might find interesting.

Mario-Themed Playing Cards

Many of us are familiar with the popular Nintendo game Super Mario. Since the game’s debut in 1985, it has become one of the most popular gaming franchises. In 2010, Nintendo announced the release of a Mario-themed deck of cards – a move of the company going back to its card-making roots. Now, more than a decade later, Mario-themed cards are still popular among various generations of gamers, especially retro video game fans. If you were born in the 80s or 90s, you would be interested in getting your hands on this card inspired by the well-known video game icon.

Street Fighter-Themed Playing Cards  

Another nostalgic video game with a playing card incarnation is Street Fighter. This popular fighting video game started in the late 80s and has grown to become one of the biggest franchises in the game industry. The current deck that is themed after this video game is the Super Street Fighter IV version, which was released in 2010. Each card features a highly detailed profile of one character from the game. While avid video game fans want a more recent version of the game version theme and retro gamers want a classic theme, both will still enjoy the awesome illustrations of this video game-themed card deck.

Sonic the Hedgehog Playing Cards

Another popular video game series and media franchise is Sonic the Hedgehog. The blue speedster, which many of us are familiar with, was Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Mario during the early 90s. Sonic the Hedgehog also gained popularity and extensive fandom during its debut and is also among the biggest franchises in video games. Each card suit features different characters from the game in various poses. The colorful illustrations make the deck an enjoyable visual treat for video game players and fans of this speedy blue rodent.

Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

Another popular and enduring video game franchise from Nintendo is Legend of Zelda. This well-loved fantasy adventure game has inspired the creation of various fantasy, adventure, and role-playing video and online games that younger generations of gamers are familiar with. It was released in the same decade as Super Mario, and this franchise is also enjoying tremendous success over the years. The card design remains faithful to a standard poker deck but with colorful illustrations of Link, Princess Zelda, and the rest of the game franchise characters. Video game fans of Legend of Zelda will love this game-themed playing card deck, and some may add it to their collection.

Growing up in the era of video games and classic consoles has its perks. Popular games from back then are still well-loved even today. The creation of video game-themed playing cards is a welcome development for avid video gamers and fans. There are still a lot of cards not mentioned here, which are best left for you to discover. Now, you have more reasons to own and enjoy a deck of playing cards.

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