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It’s rare to have a game that gamers struggle to master decades after its release. Sure, you can have games with notorious beginner’s traps, trial and error, and random chance thrown in. But to make a truly difficult game? One that stays consistent and still causes gamers to quake with fear? That is an accomplishment. Today’s game is one such game that is still a favorite at speed-running competitions and has one of the most notorious final bosses of all time. Today’s game is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! developed by Nintendo R&D3 and released on the NES in 1987.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Is a boxing game released for the NES, featuring the titular real-life boxer, Mike Tyson, as the final opponent. While boxing is the sport in question, Punch-Out!! Plays almost more like a puzzle game than a sports game. Each opponent has their own movement pattern and can only take damage at certain times. Players must watch movement and attack patterns, learn their opponents styles, and then strike when the iron is hot to win. The player character Little Mac must fight through 14 opponents to reach the top with Mike Tyson waiting at the end to stop all but the most dedicated Punch-Out!! players.  

Punch-Out!! was received extremely well by critics and fans alike, remaining one of the top NES titles to this day. The game is notorious for being one of the top NES gaming challenges and beating Mike Tyson is an accomplishment that anyone can be proud of. Speedrunners continue to challenge the game and it is a mainstay at festivals like Games Done Quick to this day.

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