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Hello and welcome! My name is Katosepe and I’ll be your host for today’s Video Game of the Day.

If you weren’t watching cartoons in the early 1990’s, you may not be familiar with Tiny Toon Adventures. If you were though, it would have been impossible to miss. This show, produced by Steven Spielberg himself, was a massive hit, winning countless fans and seven Emmy awards during its 3 year run. During this time, it received a number of video game adaptations. Today, let’s talk about the first Tiny Toon Adventures game for the Sega Genesis. Today’s game is Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure, developed by Konami and released for the Sega Genesis in 1993.

Buster’s Hidden Treasure puts players in the role of Buster, one of the two main characters of the show. The main antagonist of the show, Montana Max, has kidnapped Babs, stolen a bunch of treasure and brainwashed their friends to keep Buster away. Each level is a side scrolling platformer with a rather open layout. The goal is always to head right and find Gogo Dodo who portal warps Buster to the next stage but stages often contain multiple paths to reaching that goal, similar to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Some levels will have boss fights as well against Buster’s many brainwashed friends. Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, and Calamity Coyote all must be freed, typically by defeating Gene Splicer who is controlling them.

Buster’s Hidden Treasure was well received upon release. Critics and fans both noted similarities to Sonic the Hedgehog but the cartoon artstyle, licensed music from the show, and general attitude set it apart. The levels also felt inspired by Sonic but unique enough to stand on their own. The world map and each area felt wholly its own. Retrospective reviews have considered this a hidden gem on the Genesis and if you enjoy side-scrolling platformers, you should give Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure a try.

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