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Gamers in the US often don’t think of soccer, known as football literally everywhere else in the world, as big time but FIFA is regularly the best-selling franchise world-wide. Soccer’s global appeal gives it one of the widest audiences of any game on the market and the annual roster updates make it an easy sell. Soccer sells more than just the standard FIFA games though. Today’s game is one of those offshoots. Today’s game is FIFA Soccer Manager, developed by EA UK and released on the PC in 1997.

Unlike the standard FIFA games which put players in the role of a professional soccer player, FIFA Soccer Manager is more about being the owner of a club. Players must manage the roster of their teams, figure out the business of selling tickets, and can even create their own stadium.

Most of this is done through menus so players expecting the quick strategy and action of soccer may not find much in FIFA Soccer Manager. Those who love managing player stats, growth charts, and the economics behind the sport will find what they’re looking for here. You start off forming a club in one of five leagues, either in England, Scotland, Italy, Germany or France. Next, a team has to actually be formed. Your starting budget may not get you far but if you can pull together the right team of players and they start winning games, your ticket sales will increase and you can build out an empire.

FIFA Soccer Manager released exclusively in the EU for PC but the franchise would grow significantly over the years. EA brought the series to consoles during the Xbox and PS2 reign and, starting in 2009, began to release the games worldwide with a rebranding as FIFA Manager. This wouldn’t last long, however, and FIFA Manager would be discontinued in 2014.

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