Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Alexis Crowley, who is displayed on card number 2721, from the Superstars of 2017.   Alexis is a collector of all things Nintendo.   He also collects arcade machines which were made by Nintendo.   You can see Alexis on his YouTube Channel “Nintendo Arcade”.  Alexis is involved in a project to bring back a classic forgotten game called Sky Skipper.  The project began on June 10th, 2017, and he has the hope of making this classic rare game come to life.

If you could own one arcade game or pinball game, what would it be and why? 

Well I own 10 arcade machines mostly Nintendo but I guess if there was one game I would like to own it would be a full-size space launcher.  I have the only cocktail in existence but would love to own the upright version but none have ever been found.

Do you remember your first video game / arcade you played and what do you remember about it?

First video game I ever played was space invaders and I remember being in total awe at the cabinet and game play.

What are your opinions about today’s generation of video games?  How do you compare them to older, classic games?

I love all games if there good. They take a lot more of your time and are more of a adventure or simulation than the games of old, but I do enjoy the escapism that the old games could not replicate due to hard ware capabilities.  What I do prefer about the old classic games is there is much more replay value as it’s score based and there great for competitive game play.

Did you ever think when you were younger you would be on a Video Game Trading card? 

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be honored with a trading card.  I always thought it was for world record holders of certain games.

Are you still involved with gaming today, and what role do you play?

I am still massively involved in the hobby arcade & new games.  I recently went to France to save some really old arcade machines from being scrapped and I am up to date with all the lasted games that Nintendo release on the Switch.  I also have a YouTube channel where I do game room tours of other people’s collections.

Do you prefer PC or Console gaming and why?

I prefer console gaming because I like to collect games for Nintendo and I like the comfort of relaxing in my arm chair to play games and not at a desk.

What games today do you play and what are your favorite genres of games?

I’ve just put 350 hours into Zelda breath of the wild and absolutely loved it but also, I collect SNES games and love the challenge of trying to finish them. And always go back to play my arcade machines for nostalgia.

Which console company is your favorite and why?  Nintendo, Sony, Sega, or Microsoft?

Nintendo of course.  They make me smile with their colorful graphic style, fun games and they are never afraid to take chances with new hardware.

What does it take to be a Video Game Journalist?

Passion and love for the games you write about.

How does video game music influence games past and present?

Music is just as important as the graphics, it can give you a indication to what’s happening in the game and your timing for your next jump or move.  Also brings a lot of atmosphere.

Are video games aimed mainly at children, adolescents or adults?

I think video games are aimed both adults and kids today as so many adults have grown up with games and kids like all the latest graphics.

Do you believe some Video Games are too violent and lead to violence in America today?

No, I don’t believe in this idea at all.  They try to ban games in the 80s for being too violent and when you look back at them now it seems ridiculous.  They try to ban games in the 80s for being too violent and when you look back at them now it seems ridiculous.  Just like movies and books.

Do you prefer playing video games alone, against friends or online against the world and why?

I like playing arcade games with friends for the competitive side but new games I like to play on my own.  With the exception of Mario kart and turn based strategy games are great fun online.

Which company makes the best games and why?

Nintendo have made some of my favorite games of all time.  Metroid, Zelda, Mario Kart I always look forward to their latest incarnation and they never fail to disappoint.

Do you learn anything from playing video games?

Games teach you a lot about yourself I think.  With games that have a good risk reward element you have to learn not to be too greedy with trying to get to many points.  Sometimes it’s better to sit back and be patient.

Are video games good for relieving stress? 

Some games are very relaxing and great for just chilling out after a hard day’s work.  But others can be chaotic and very fast paced which are only playable for short periods but great fun all the same.

Do you like it when Hollywood makes a movie from the video game?

I don’t mind if it’s good.  I enjoyed the Tomb raider series.

Who is your favorite video game character and what makes that character special?

Samus from Metroid is a great female character she is strong, independent and very versatile.

What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘video games’?

Great entertainment.

Do you find boss battles to be the best part of a video game?

Not the best part but I do look forward to seeing what the game designer has created to try and test my skills.

What is your favorite singe player game and favorite multiplayer game?

My favorite single player game has to be Zelda Breath of the wild and my favorite multi player game has to be smash bros.

If you can design your own game, what would it be about and who would be the main character?

If I could design my own game it would be open world Metroid.

Where do you see Video gaming in the next 20 years?

Virtual reality will take over at some point but I don’t think it’s there quite yet.


This is one of an ongoing series of articles based on the Walter Day Collection of e-sports/video gaming trading cards – check out more information at thewalterdaycollection.com.

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