Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Dan Wolfe, who is displayed on card number 738, from the Superstars of 2014.  Dan is currently second on the NES game Bubble Bobble with a score of 1,747,020.   Dan is a super fan of the classic console systems such as Nintendo and Sega.  Dan, who is currently a Chicagoland Radio producer still enjoys being a part of the gaming community and discussing the latest games and trends.

Who is your favorite video game character and what makes that character special?

I’d probably go with Mario just because he’s been with us for so long and over so many different platforms. The games are always fun and bright… And the original NES game is the ultimate retro game that EVERYONE played.

What are your opinions about today’s generation of video games?  How do you compare them to older, classic games?

I prefer older games to today’s games, but I don’t necessarily think it’s because today’s games are worse. A big reason I play is for nostalgic feelings of my childhood. So, I like the feeling of playing games I played as a kid.

Do you prefer playing video games alone, against friends or online against the world and why?

Alone. I have friends who ask me to hook up with them and play online, but I love playing alone. I can suck or quit after 10 minutes.

Did you ever think when you were younger you would be on a Video Game Trading card? 

Heck no! I still question Walter’s sanity for including me.

If you could describe Walter Day in one word, what would that word be and why?

Caring. He cares about people more than any other person I’ve ever met. He brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

When did you first meet Walter day and where was it at?

After seeing King of Kong, I found Walter on Facebook. We hit it off right away, just the friendliest guy you could ever deal with. Walter said if he was ever in Chicago he’d get ahold of me. 6 months later I got a voicemail from Walter Day saying he was coming into town. Been friends ever since.

Do you remember your first video game / arcade you played and what do you remember about it?

I can remember the first time I saw Super Mario Brothers on the NES. Before that I grew up with an Atari 2600 and a 7800. My Dad used to play so he got me into it.

Of these five elements video games, which is the most important to you and why?  Gameplay, Atmosphere, Music, Story, Art style

It’s all about gameplay.

Do you prefer PC or Console gaming and why?

I’ve always been a fan of Console gaming. Just always seems easier and more accessible.

Do you learn anything from playing video games?

Sure. I’m terrible at puzzle solving. Having problems put in front of me makes me work to move ahead.

What games today do you play and what are your favorite genres of games?

I’ve always been a sucker for bad movie based video games. Star Wars, The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, anything with a movie connected to it and I’m in. And they usually suck.

If you could own one arcade game or pinball game, what would it be and why? 

I’d go with the Nightmare on Elm Street Pinball machine. Thing is just awesome looking. Plays freaky music. And Freddy and Pinball is just a perfect mix.

Growing up were you team Sega or Nintendo and why?

Nintendo! Seems like all my favorite video game memories were on the NES and SNES.

*On a side note Sega rocked too. The Genesis was always near and Sega CD was terrible fun.

Are video games aimed mainly at children, adolescents, or adults?

There’s such a wide group of people who play anymore I think it’s pretty well spread out.

Do you believe some Video Games are too violent and lead to violence in America today?

Sure, some games are too violent and I think sometimes it can lead to violence in America. Same thing as movies or any other type of entertainment. I think the ratings board does plenty.

Which company makes the best games and why?

Well I’ll go with Lucas Arts. Who is pretty much gone now. But for years it was so great seeing their logo pop up in front of all my Star Wars games.

Do you like it when Hollywood makes a movie from the video game?

I’m always curious. I probably haven’t seen half of them. Would love to see Nintendo work with a film house to make huge movies based off their IP.

What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘video games’?

YouTube. I’m always searching Video Games in YouTube. I’ve become a video game history junkie.

Do you find boss battles to be the best part of a video game?

Normally I find them more annoying, but it’s not something I’ve ever thought about.

What is your favorite singe player game and favorite multiplayer game?

Single: Bubble Bobble

Multi: Star Wars Battlefront II

If you can design your own game, what would it be about and who would be the main character?

A VR Superman flying style game where you just learn how to fly and the rest of it is pretty much an open world. You can either join the military with your special powers or deliver pizzas quickly.

Are you still involved with gaming today, and what role do you play?

No real involvement. I still go to my arcades and love to play. It’s great having met so many nice people and it’s really special getting to spend a few days a year with them having fun and playing games.

Where do you see Video gaming in the next 20 years?

Depends on the impact of VR once it’s released and out to the masses. Not sure if it will be a huge game changer or not.

This is one of an ongoing series of articles based on the Walter Day Collection of e-sports/video gaming trading cards – check out more information at thewalterdaycollection.com.

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