With perspiration splattering and hands blistering, the children of the ̳80s and ̳90s ascended to the heights of spectacular televised main events – by wearing out A buttons and dislodging the directional pad in marathon sessions of Nintendo‘s Pro Wrestling. They did so by coaching the likes of the Giant Panther to the VMA Championship all while nagging mothers preached of how prolonged gaming leads to an “inevitable” generation of vegetables.

It‘s been years, but those sofa-sitting, slacker offspring of digital babysitters have grown up and, to be honest, they‘re still watching themselves wrestle on television. However, it‘s no longer by living vicariously through the cranium-munching Amazon.

They‘re experiencing another taste — that of the success of being actual professional wrestlers. And instead of the games placing them in the ring, these players are installing the games into the squared circle, implementing the hobby that parents
once thought would sacrifice imaginations as the catalyst for startling in-ring creativity.

It probably sounded unrealistic when they were nine, but when it comes to professional wrestling, realism can be overrated.

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