Online games are at the height of their popularity as more and more gamers opt for them. The competitiveness is what gets the attention of the younger audience today, along with the graphics. Besides the usual top-ranking titles, people can play various browser games on lots of websites. The interactive gaming industry is a staunch example of this as any casino enthusiast can sign up at or any other popular site and spend an evening playing their favorite casino games.

However, some might argue that you don’t need to be online to have fun. Back in the day multiplayer meant having an extra joystick for your friend and defeating a boss meant a joint effort that would sometimes last for hours. Moreover, a good game didn’t necessarily mean a good looking game. This is why some retro games have managed to stay popular to this day despite having less than perfect graphics.

Super Mario World

For a game that came out in 1990, Super Mario World is still doing pretty great. Yes, there have been a few remasters of the game throughout the years but the original is a classic that any old school gamer has played. The graphics may not look like much but this masterpiece definitely brings nostalgia as you make Mario dash through each level. For a 2D platformer, it is instantly recognizable as it’s the first game some first-generation gamers have played. This game is really old but despite this, it remains in the hearts and floppy disks of gamers.

Age of Empires I and II

The fourth installment of the series is under development and fans already know they can expect a great game. While they’re waiting for this masterpiece they could enjoy the classics once again. Despite being pretty old these games are still played by lots of gamers and their popularity was the reason they were remade into versions with polished graphics. Age of Empires I is set from the time of hunter-gatherers to the Iron Age whereas the second game is set through different periods of the Medieval Age. The weird mechanics of the game bring back lots of memories. For example, you could use priests to convert catapults to Christianity and you could use a single villager to rebuild society. It’s ridiculous and unique at the same time.

Half-Life 1 and 2

The enigmatic Gordon Freeman is a legendary icon of gaming today. The first game with the crowbar-wielding came out in 1998 and is just as interesting as it was back in the day. The Black Mesa wouldn’t be the same if Gordon hadn’t stepped into it on his first workday. When it comes to the second game Valve took its time and released it in 2004. The graphics were improved and the story was a fitting sequel to the first one. What’s most memorable about this game is the ominous greeting from the G-man at the beginning of it. Both games are fun to play and fans are eagerly expecting a third one.




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