When retro gaming is mentioned, chances are that Sega is amongst the most recognizable. Sega is instantly recognizable thanks to the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Genesis console, otherwise known as the Mega Drive outside the US. Yet, tell people that they started the sixth console generation and they won’t believe it. After all, the Dreamcast has been widely considered a failure, but is that really true?

Sales figures would seem to support this argument thanks to Sega’s last roll of the dice only shifting 9.13 million units. This was less than even the Sega Saturn’s 9.5 million. The console’s best-selling game, Sonic Adventure, despite being the first 3D platform game in the franchise, only sold 2.5 million copies. To put that into context, the later-released PlayStation 2’s bestselling game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sold 17.3 million copies as of 2009, and there were more sales of that in the USA alone than Sonic Adventure worldwide.


However, despite somewhat poor sales, it could be argued that the Dreamcast was in fact ahead of its time. Members of the tech press certainly argue this fact, and when the console is looked at in the context of the time, it’s easy to see why they feel this way. The console was noted for featuring a serial port on the back that would allow for two Dreamcasts to be linked together for multiplayer across separate systems. There was an argument to say the Dreamcast is in essence more of a PC than a console.

The reason for the Dreamcast’s PC-like functionality was thanks to the fact that it ran a version of Windows CE, providing an early version of an Xbox-like console. Modern Microsoft consoles run a custom-built version of Windows as their OS. It’s such features that made people see the Dreamcast as being ahead of its time. If the console had survived, there is an argument to suggest that internet browsers might have become an inclusion before the likes of the Wii or Xbox 360. Of course, technology has moved on and web browsers such as Microsoft Edge are built into the likes of the Xbox Series X.

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Whilst the Dreamcast may be considered an on-the-surface failure thanks to its low sales figures, there is an undeniable correlation between some of its standout features and the consoles of today. It could be said that without the Dreamcast including such features that current consoles wouldn’t be half as powerful or could even dream of such high levels of functionality. Even if Sega has focused on software ever since their contributions to the hardware side must not be forgotten.

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