Old School Gamer Magazine backed this and so have nearly 900 other retro gamers, so why haven’t you?  What it does is make your wall into an arcade screen!  Check out the videos to understand more of it but it’s an Augmented Reality type of system that uses an LCD projector to turn almost any surface, wall, floor, the side of a house, or whatever into the gaming playfield for games.  They have shown some examples of the games, but many more are in production.  For $200-$1000 (depending on when you jump in on the Kickstarter and your level), it’s unique software to install on your PC or Mac that along with your smartphone and projector you configure your playfield and then play games.

More details below

S-ARKADE  brings together the real and virtual, transporting you in a completely immersive experience while playing new kinds of arcade games inspired by the “retro” you love. S-ARKADE keeps the nostalgia alive with its first spatial augmented gaming tech that allows you to transform your house into an augmented reality game scenario simply using a projector. You get to immerse yourself in a blend of physical and digital reality and map any game level on a wall, table, and stable objects, in order to play with your friends and Family.. up to 10 players!
What if you could be a PacMan, running through a maze chomping all the dots while avoiding the reaper ghosts directly on your walls? What if you could be a Street Fighter and bring multiple players to life, jumping on the shelves of your living room?
How does it work? 4 simple steps to transform your wall into an arcade game
  • Use any kind of Projector
  • Load S-ARKADE on your PC/Mac
  • Calibrate the playground on your wall and draw your level around real objects
  • Choose and Play S-ARKADE Games

Check it out on Kickstarter NOW!

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